Discover the Difference a Professional Massage Can Make

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Groton Therapeutic Massage helps rejuvenate the body and improve well being.
Our therapies help you to recover from stress, muscle congestion resulting from repetetive motion or muscle strain and injury.

Neuromuscular Massage

For deep muscular work. Concentration is on the neck, shoulders, and back. A combination of light and heavy strokes are used to work the muscle fibers, and concentrated pressure is used on trigger points.

Sports / Medical Massage

Addresses conditions such as shin splints, non-surgical TMJ, carpal tunnel, golfer and tennis elbow, and sciatic nerve compression.

Swedish Massage

Great for sore or stiff muscles. Joints are mobilized with a range-of-motion treatment. The circulatory and lymph systems, as well as the muscles and their connective tissue are stimulated.

Esalen Massage

An extremely soothing massage. Uses free flowing, light pressure strokes to address the entire body. This modality comes from the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Hot Stone Massage

Very relaxing. Smooth hot stones are used to massage the muscles providing therapeutic heat relaxing tense, stressed muscles.

Prenatal Massage

For the mother-to-be. Very gentle. Therapists are trained in the protocols to safely and effectively work on pregnant women. Please ask your doctor’s approval before having any bodywork done while pregnant. Prenatal massage sessions are conducted only after the first trimester.

Energy Work

Performed over clothing in a peaceful environment. Energetic balancing of chakras and meridians through light hand placement over the body.